Myself and my husband, who are in our 70’s, just completed this trip last week on the Soleo and had the time of our lives. I would say that having Hugo as our guide was one of the principal reasons for our having such a good time. He was so enthusiastic and wanting our group to imbibe the culture, ecology,political and economic, art and history of Provence. He was a remarkable guide in that he had a grasp of all these areas and was able to articulate the essence without drowning us in disembodied facts.
He was very spontaneous and often stopped our rides to pick grapes or apples or have us see a light show of Marc Chagal’s work in Baux. All of the participants that we spoke to, seemed to agree that Hugo was a phenomenon and that we were lucky to have him as our guide.

The countryside was so beautiful and we loved riding on so many different sorts of roads and surfaces. The horses and flamingoes of Camargue were amazing and all the tours of the various towns, cities and monuments made the experience very rich.

We had some worries about keeping up with the group, but he made it clear at the outset that the ride had to be geared to the slowest person. In fact this was not a problem because those who opted for the guided tour were pretty closely matched.

The bikes were excellent! Usually we would feel sore after riding the whole day, but experienced none of that.
The rest of the staff was very helpful and went out of their way to accommodate the needs of the participants. The food was wonderful and the cook , Rosa was charming. Marta, who served and did a million other jobs always went out of her way and attended to things quickly and efficiently . All of the staff had a great sense of humor and were very engaged with their work, so this made a very good atmosphere throughout. Our group was very international wh made for an opportunity for learning about people’s lives in other countries.