The Apulia trip was WONDERFUL!
I have been organizing trips for friends and relatives for many years and this trip was loved by everybody- one of the best if not the best!
Here are some of the factors that contributed to the success of the trip and are related to the excellent job you and Girolibero performed.
1. The bicycles were in excellent condition and we had no major problems. The frames were properly sized and the unlimited seat and handle bar
adjustments made them a perfect fit for everyone. I especially like the ability to turn the handle bars parallel to the frame so that we could fit them on the train.
The bicycle is the MOST important factor for me and your bikes were the BEST I have ever experienced in my many years of renting bikes for groups overseas.
2. The restaurants you selected for us were excellent. We were fed so much food! The service was excellent! The servers were pleasant.
Having the dinners arranged ahead of time really made the logistics of planning while traveling so much better!
3. The scenery was beautiful! Traveling along the ocean was beautiful. The selection of towns was well planned and the distances were
very reasonable. Such beautiful towns!
4. Your selection of hotels was excellent – especially sleeping in the Truli and the Sassi. What an experience!
5. Several people commented on how quickly you returned emails and your attention to details.
6. The trip was reasonably priced for the value offered.
7. Everybody enjoyed not having a guide! We got “lost” a few times but it was exciting!

Here are some factors that could be improved upon but were MINOR. Some you can control.
1. The directions in the tour guide can be somewhat confusing and contradictory. I feel it is in the translation and syntax – the sentence structure.
The yellow arrows were well-placed and followed along with the tour guide did help minimize the confusion.
2. Girolibero might